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Louth Town Plan – 2020 Vision – Published October 2009

Above are the various documents which make up the Louth Town Plan, called ’2020 Vision’.  Copies in printed format (A4) or electronic format (on a CD) can be collected from the Town Clerk or from the Town Centre Manager’s office in Unit 6 Meridian House, 41 Eastgate (Telephone 07917 628149).  There is no charge for either of these.

At the well attended Annual Town Meeting in May 2007, pubic recognition and authority were given to the n
etwork of town's people, called Meridian Links, to form a steering group to produce a Louth Town Plan.

At 2008's Annual Town Meeting, Meridian Links gave a short presentation to outline the progress over the year and to explain the reasons for the Town Plan Questionnaire: The results of that questionnaire were presented at the 2009 Annual Town Meeting.  The Plan was endorsed by the Town’s Mayor in July 2009 and published copies available from October 2009.

The aspiration was for it to be a Plan designed to address the issues that are important to the communities of Louth and to look forward to how people of all ages - living, studying or working in our community - would like to see the town of Louth shaped and developed over the next 10 years.

From the start, it was a plan of vision, arising from a sound base of evidence of what the people of Louth (in 2008) would like to see achieved in their town in the next decade or so.

Throughout 2007, 2008 and early 2009, there was an open and ongoing invitation to anyone in Louth who wished to work as part of the Steering Group to get involved; indeed over the 26 months of developing the Plan several people came onboard at different stages.  All gave their time freely and worked under the chairmanship of Cllr Jill Makinson-Sanders.  The diversity of people involved made the task interesting yet always challenging.  Acknowledgements are on page 12 of the printed document or on the last page of the 3rd downloadable file, named ‘Report’.

There was the expectation that many people, groups and organisations would get involved in the next stage of moving the Actions contained in the Plan forward to ensure that as many as possible of the Objectives would be met.

The Details
Eleven workshops took place in 2007 with two ‘Love it – Hate it’ coffee mornings.  The results of this short survey in the September, which was widely advertised and available in various locations around the town, helped the Steering Group devise the framework for the major questionnaire of 2008.

From 3rd January to 22nd December in 2008, volunteers met to work on, first the questionnaire and then the results a total of nineteen times.  The Questionnaire which was central to the whole process ran from 19th May to 25th June.  The Royal Mail delivered to every household and business in Louth and a freepost address was used for returning forms.  Completed forms could also be returned via boxes at the Library, churches and various retailers and businesses.  The questionnaire was completed and returned by 1926 people and the results were revealed at an open meeting on 13th November 2008.

Also being worked upon that year was the questionnaire for teenagers devised by young people at Nichols Youth Project.  This ran mainly online and a total of 169 young people gave responses to all the questions.  These results formed an integral part of the data used in the following months to formulate the 2020 Vision Plan.

During the last year of the process, much more work was undertaken by individuals between workshop sessions but they still met sixteen times to work together to create the Actions from the results of the questionnaire, taking into account the input from the November event and comments made in the open Question 7 on the questionnaire.  Nearly 70% of all respondents made comments: indeed this qualitative data when printed ran to 130 pages!

All potential partners identified in the Actions were invited to a final consultation event held on 28th May 2009 to view the report and actions prior to the final version.  As a result of listening to the wider community at that meeting, in the following 6 weeks, the 32 objectives leading to 80 actions changed to 35 objectives leading to 84 actions!  The final version was endorsed by the Town Council on 14th July 2009.

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